Sterling Insurance Agency is an affiliate of Sterling Medical, LLC integrating primary/urgent care with catastrophic medical insurance.

Sterling Insurance Agency is owned by the companies that purchase insurance with us.  Our unique business model encourages transparency and lower healthcare costs employers and their employees.

Membership Program*

Sterling Urgent Care’s membership program gives employees and their dependents unlimited access to all our advanced urgent care clinics for a monthly rate and includes minimal fees for additional services like medications, labs and X-rays and durable medical equipmen.  Employees and their families can receive the healthcare they need for an affordable cost.  

Fully-Insured ​Health Plans

Most small to mid-sized employers today have fully-insured health plans.  These policies are sold by large insurance carriers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare and other household names.  With a fully-insured health plan the insurance carrier charges premiums based on the demographics of the employees insured and guarantees the rates for one year.  

Self-Funded Health Plans

Many companies today choose to have a level-funded, self-funded or captive medical plan because they like the claims transparency that self-funding provides and the opportunity to receive a refund of some of their premiums if their claims are less than expected in a given year.  Self-funded employers purchase stop-loss insurance to protect themselves against large claims.

*Sterling Urgent Care’s membership program does not provide insurance coverage, including minimal essential coverage required by applicable federa law. It provides only the services described in the primary care agreement. It is recommended that health care insurance obtained to cover medical services not provided for under this direct primary care agreement.

Whether a company cannot afford group medical insurance and wants to offer an affordable, comprehensive membership subscription to their employees, or they are looking for a new insurance broker for their traditional PPO policy, our team of dedicated advisers can help.  After reviewing the options available, many  employers decide that level-funding or self-funding is the preferred solution to their health insurance plan.  We can help with that too. 

In a competitive industry, we recognize that all insurance brokers have access to a few available carriers, so we are often separated not just by the products we sell, but by the value we bring to a business relationship.  We’ll do our best to win your trust.

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Sterling Insurance Agency is dedicated to driving down the cost of healthcare for employers and their employees by integrating our Sterling Urgent Care membership program with competitive health insurance plans.


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