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Small Businesses Can Reduce Expenses by Self-funding their Group Health Insurance

Most business owners are aware that large companies self-fund their health insurance plans in order to save money, but what they may not know is that today even employers with as few as five employees are utilizing level-funding or self-funding to save money on their health insurance.  Of course, self-funding doesn’t work for every employer, but many small to mid-sized companies will find it a cost effective solution to risin […]

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Why Referenced Based Pricing will Lead to Reduced Health Insurance Premiums

Referenced based pricing has been around for several years now and is helping self-funded employers reduce the cost of group health insurance premiums by bringing healthcare prices to a reasonable level.  By definition, referenced based pricing pays providers based off Medicare rates, plus and incentive bonus over and above the Medicare allowable amounts.  For example, hospitals might be paid 150% of Medicare rates […]

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How Can A Captive Insurance Company Help Lower Health Insurance Costs?

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Captive Health Insurance Basics for Small Employers

Health insurance captives, also known as medical stop-loss insurance captives, have been around for a while and can be a successful part of a cost control strategy for self-funded employers.Their origins tie back to when large employers needed a way to manage healthcare risk across their organization, lower costs for employees and reduce administration and underwriting costs from carriers. Most of these large companies had already successfully utilized the captive concept for other insurance pur […]

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Advantages of the Self-funded Medical Plan

Self-funded Health Plans With a self-funded group health insurance policy, the employers take some of the risk of providing health benefits to their employees, rather than using a traditional health insurance carrier. Self-funded health insurance might seem like a risky venture for some business owners, but these same individuals have been able to manage their risks in other areas and understand the benefits that come by doing thing out of the ordinary. Advantages of self-funded insura […]

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Value in Offering Voluntary Benefits

Employee benefits managers feel like they are performing a balancing act when it comes to compensation packages.  They are not only responsible for satisfying their employees’ expectations; they are responsible for making sure they meet the financial goals of their company too. Those two objectives are critical in every industry.  To perform those tasks, may curb costs by offering voluntary dental, vision and life insurance benefits to their employees. Why voluntary benefits […]

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