Broker of Record

Why Should I Change Our Company's Broker of Record?

Sterling Insurance Agency works differently than most insurance agencies.  We think it’s important that you first choose the right insurance broker; then together choose the right insurance company and plan.

As you may be aware, there are a limited number of insurance carriers doing business in each state, especially for group health insurance policies.  All licensed agents (appointed with those carriers) have access to the same plans and pricing.

Many times we are able to save you money, but not always.  You may already have the lowest priced insurance carrier. Like other companies, you can just appoint us your new Broker of Record.

What is a Broker of Record?

A Broker of Record letter transfers your contact with an insurance company from one insurance agent to another. In other words, when you appoint Sterling Insurance Agency as your Broker of Record, our agency will be the authorized representative with that insurance carrier for the policy named in the letter. We will be the only broker able to negotiate on your behalf, provide service for any issues that may arise and also receive compensation from the insurance carrier.

What are the advantages?

By transferring your Broker of Record to Sterling Insurance Agency we will elevate your experience of what an insurance agency should be.

Sterling Insurance Agency gives you more for your money, including:

  • Valuable tools and resources to guide you about essential HR compliance issues;
  • Creative strategies for controlling rising health insurance premiums; and
  • Proven methods of communicating your employee benefits to team members
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