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Sterling Insurance Agency provides group dental, vision and life insurance to companies throughout Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. As an independent insurance agency we represent multiple carriers and strive to find the best option for our clients. ​Employers that combine Sterling Urgent Care memberships as part of their group health insurance cost management strategy often include voluntary dental, vision and life insurance to create an overall benefits package. Voluntary benefits allow employees to receive group insurance rates and coverage options and pay for the plans they select through payroll deduction. Sterling Medical has even negotiated competitive group dental, vision and life insurance plans for companies that purchase memberships.

What is a Group Dental Insurance Plan?

A group dental plan is a dental insurance policy sponsored by an employer for the benefit of their employees. Other than group health insurance, studies show group dental insurance is the next most popular employee benefit. While seeing the dentist is not something most people look forward to, regular check-ups are important for good health. With regular check-ups, tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer can be spotted early. Group dental insurance helps employees pay for dental work they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Group dental insurance typically categorizes procedures into three types of services and pays different amounts for each category, for example:

  1. 100% Preventative Services (Exams, Cleaning and XRays)
  2. 80% Basic Services (Fillings)
  3. 50% Major Services (Crowns, Bridges and Dentures)

Most group dental insurance carriers have basic dental coverage or enhanced dental coverage options. Basic coverage costs less than enhanced coverage, but typically includes periodontal (gum disease) and endodontal (root canals) procedures as major services; while enhanced dental coverage has these procedures in the basic category.

What is a Group Vision Insurance Plan?

​A group vision plan is a vision insurance policy sponsored by an employer for the benefit of their employees. Regular eye exams are important not only for vision correction, but for disease prevention. And the steady growth of smart phone and computer use at work, in the home and at school has only magnified the need for professional eye care. Group vision insurance allows employers to choose the vision benefits that fits their employee’s needs.

What is a Group Life Insurance Plan?

A group life plan is a life insurance policy sponsored by an employer for the benefit of their employees. Life is priceless. Maybe that’s why life insurance can sometimes seem expensive. However group life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment is never out of reach for your employees and their dependents. Group life insurance is designed for groups of 10 or more employees with or without employer contributions.

What is a Group Disability Insurance Plan?

​A group disability plan is a disability insurance policy sponsored by an employer for the benefit of their employees. Nearly three-fourths of medically consulted injuries suffered by workers’ occurred off the job. Group disability insurance pays a weekly or monthly benefit to employees who become sick or injured when not at work.  As an incentive to return to productivity, a partial disability benefit is available to support the recovering employee’s return to full potential through part-time work.

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