Group Health Insurance

Sterling Insurance Agency offers employers in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming a variety of group health insurance funding options in order to minimize their premium and maximize their overall savings. From fully-insured and level-funded health plans to self-funded and captive insurance policies we do it all. Ultimately our objective is to find the best option for every employer.

​It has been our experience that few insurance brokers are familiar with any funding options other than fully-insured health insurance plans.

Fully-Insured Health Insurance

Fully-insured is the most common form of group health insurance by small businesses. Employers pay a monthly premium to the insurance carrier and the insurance carrier is responsible for paying future medical claims. The insurance carrier accepts all risk and receives all of the surplus. However, employers are not typically provided with any claims reporting and even if the medical claims are significantly less than expected, the employer does not receive a refund of any excess.

Want to Know More about Group Health Insurance?

For more information regarding group health insurance and how the plan can benefit your company, contact Sterling Insurance Agency.

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