Membership Program

The Sterling Urgent Care membership program is not insurance, but it is health care for your employees. Whether your company doesn’t currently offer group medical insurance, you offer group health insurance, but have a high deductible or you have a self-funded group health insurance plan, the Sterling Urgent Care membership program will help your company.

Unlike most group health insurance plans, the Sterling Urgent Care membership program has no copays or deductibles.

​Employee benefit plans provide many advantages; not only recruiting and retaining a talented employee pool, but keeping them happy as well.


Advanced Direct Primary Care (DPC)

The Sterling Urgent Care membership program is a type of advanced direct primary care (DPC) arrangement where patients (employees) contract directly with a medical provider to receive treatment at a predetermined sum of money.  With our membership program for only $50.00 per employee, per month you can give your team members  unlimited visits at any Sterling Urgent Care clinic in  Idaho, Utah or Wyoming.  A family of four is only $100.00 per month (additional children are $10.00 per child).  Other Services include $10.00 prescription drugs, $15.00 Lab/X-Ray and $25.00 durable medical equipment.

Many individuals in the medical profession and health insurance industry believe that employers providing direct primary care combined with catastrophic coverage is the future of healthcare.  In this article from the University of Houston, titled DPC: Weak Signals for Healthcare in the United States for instance, says that These employers’ DPC [Direct Primary Care] options are offered to employees paired with catastrophic insurance stop loss plans. Employees still have the protection and coverage available in case of a major illness while enjoying day to day care with a DPC doctor that has time to build a personal relationship with them and their families.”

Employers with Sterling Urgent Care memberships especially benefit if they are level-funded, self-funded or part of captive medical  insurance program.  Sterling Medical currently has direct primary care locations in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Employers Without Medical Insurance

Employers that do not currently have group health insurance for their employees can benefit because the cost for Sterling Urgent Care membership program is affordable for both the employer and their employees. While the membership program is not health insurance, it is healthcare and it is generally believed that approximately 96% of a patients healthcare needs can be treated at an urgent care facility.

Employers with High Deductibles

​Companies that do provide health insurance to their employees today often find they must have higher deductibles than the they would prefer. Even if the health insurance plan has copays, these might be $60 or more just to see a primary care or urgent care provider thus discouraging the employee from receiving the medical treatment they need. By offering Sterling Urgent Care membership alongside their group medical insurance plan the employees get the best of both worlds.

Employers Who Have Self-Funded Health Plans

​Employers with level-Funded or self-funded group health insurance policies can really save money by combining a Sterling Urgent Care membership program to their employee benefits package. Since the membership program is not insurance, no claims are submitted to the insurance carrier thus increasing the likelihood of lowering their overall claims and receiving a refund.
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